Mat Jacob France Retreat 2018 With guest Violet Scrap

Pour la 3ème année, nous accueillons Mat Jacob, danseuse-chorégraphe pour une retraite internationale de Tribal dance fusion.


Of course, I think it’s fundamental to work the technical so there will be an amount of tribal fusion technique. Fundamentals, shimmies, isolations, layering, arm work, ITS, etc. From basic to more advanced, don’t worry, there will be work and sweat for everyone. Every morning will be focused on Classic Tribal Fusion Technique work.

By trusting each other we can achieve a lot in the act of opening and letting go.
Again this year, I would love to see us exchange, discuss, share and create together.

The past two years I have challenged students to create pieces based on the learnings of the week. Something along those lines will happen again.

Mat Jacob (24 hours +++)
Technique, ITS and exploration. In addition, I will personally work with each group / individual, helping, coaching and guiding in the creation of each final pieces
I will bring several topics to the table each day and with tools and exercises, we will work on understanding them, expressing them, digging deeper into them. Exploration and study of possibilities.

Violet Scrap (6 hours)
What she will bring to the table will be announced shortly. She’s a great technician and has an incredible mind. She is a precious complement to my teaching style and I trust her to the moon and back.

5 days of work, 6 nights
All meals (delicious) and wine included.
30 hours of dance + personal work
Night activities
2 teachers.
And you guys. Making this possible ».